Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Beach Reads Challenge: 7/1-8/31

I'm signed up for my second reading challenge this summer! A Fanatic's Book Blog is acting as general headquarters. There will be mini challenges, giveaways and lots of book review linking going on. The levels of participation are as follows:

* Tadpole - Read 4 books in this challenge.
* Minnow - Read 8 books in this challenge.
* Dolphin - Read 12 books in this challenge.
* Shark - Read 16+ books in this challenge!
I'm shooting for "Minnow." Reading eight books is a bit ambitious for me but I hope being part of the challenge will be motivational! You can check out my full Summer TBR list on my sidebar but a couple are Catching Fire and Northanger Abbey. Join up if the challenge sounds fun!


  1. Thanks Chelle, I'm gonna go check it out!

  2. Thanks so so so much for participating! :)