Short Story Saturday

Welcome to Short Story Saturday!

Short stories are often neglected in favor of the novel but short stories can be just as fun, interesting and challenging as their longer counterpart. Whether you already love short stories, have never read one before or fall somewhere in between, I hope you will consider joining me to read and explore these literary  nuggets!

Forster, E.M - The Other Side of th Hedge: classic, 7/10/11
Foster, Linda - Something Sweet: amateur writer, 10/16/10
Henry, O. - The Man Higher Up: classic,  9-18-10
Joyce, James - Araby: classic, Pilot Post.  9/4/2010 
Uzanne, Octave - The End of Books: classic, 11/13/10
White, E.B. - The Door: classic, 1/22/11