Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Devoured Bookmark

This is a picture of my bookmark...what's left of it. One minute it was tucked in my book, saving my place, then it was being devoured by my cat. I caught her thrashing around with it, rolling on the floor. She's done this to another bookmark, too - ripped them right out of my books and chowed down. Often I'll tuck a bookmark into the later pages while I read and Max will surprise attack me and leap for the bookmark, running off with it. That little tassel is too much for her. I guess I can't have tassel bookmarks if I want them to last! Anyone else have similar experiences?

Oh, Maxi. What am I going to do with you? 


  1. Oh no! My naughty kitty does that too! The kitty sure looks innocent in that picture lol!

  2. She knows when to turn on the charm and look all innocent for the camera.

  3. That cat is smart, photogenic, and lucky to be alive. I should know. I was there when she was rescued from the cold as a very young kitty last Thanksgiving weekend. You have a soft heart, Chelle! And I have many more bookmarks for you to replace the ones you "donate" to Max!

  4. I have VERY similar experiences with my dogs. Turbo has eaten one of my bookmarks just 5 minutes after I started using it. My other dog Max thinks EVERYTHING is edible. They both like to lick my books. I guess they like the taste of paper?

    It could be that Maxi felt like he had to eliminate the competition--that is a pretty cute kitten bookmark!