Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bloggiesta: Hours Logged and Bumps Along the Way

Yesterday I spent roughly twelve hours on blog related business...long computer day. My husband felt neglected but I did ride bikes a couple miles with him. Pathetic, I know. Poor Jon.

First, I spent forever choosing a new blog name while looking into getting my own domain versus continuing with Blogger. For now, Blogger meets my needs. Then I spent as much time tweaking my new layout and widgets including adding my first poll. This whole blogging things is a learn-as-I-go process so each change takes me forever. I finished reading a book and wrote my review. But for unknown reasons Blogger would not publish my post in my new blog! So vexing! I had to strip out everything fancy and republish each time I added a picture. Irritating. Then I installed Google Analytics to my new blog because I cannot live without that info! It's too much fun!

Today, I discovered links on my pages, like my reviews page, direct traffic to my old blog even though the posts are on my new blog. For lack of a better way to fix the problem I changed each link manually to my new site. This is time consuming since I have to bring up each individual post in my new blog and then copy/paste the URL and copy that over my old link...ugh. I'm half done. Anyone know a better way to do this? Also, I am unaware of how to allow readers to leave hyperlinks within a comment on my posts. It seems Blogger does not allow this. Anyone have tips? So, about 2 hours of Bloggiesta activity today!


  1. Oh, and I added The Prairie Library to Technorati!

  2. What starts with "t" ends with "t" and is filled with "t"?

    A teapot.

    Hehe! I'm starting to be more salsa/chips than cheese these days, which is such a scary thing to realize since I LOVE cheese!!

    My husband has been feeling neglected today too because of my Bloggista goals! But I think it was worth it lol. Besides, he has his PSP to keep him company!

    I use to be really into web designing and figuring all this stuff out... when I was in high school. And now I get frustrated super quick. I wish I didn't, it's really rewarding when you do figure everything out!

  3. Just visiting via the hop!

    Goodluck with your blogger vs domain decisions! I for one am also happy with blogger at the moment.. :)

    And the plot thickens...

  4. I have also been updating my blog which has taken ages but almost done. I am waiting for blogger to sort out the comments section as wordpress has the advantage here.

  5. As I am just getting my blog going I figured I wait until the next Blogiesta to "spiff it out".

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment because now I was able to discover your blog. I really like it! It's a really fresh and simple look! I'll have to start roaming around and checking out some of your reviews! :)