Sunday, March 6, 2011

Three Children's Books!

If a Dog Could Blog is written by Lolo LeDeaux, a basset known as "Killer." Each page is a post from her blog. Killer gets into plenty of mischief and adventures. This is a cute tale that might be fun to read with kids who show an interest in your blogging. I recommend reading it with your kids as many of the terms and phrases might be unfamiliar to youngins. Illustrated by Susan Shorter, the pictures are simple but bright.

Daddy's Little Squirrel by Kayle Shurley Davidson is a tribute to the bond between fathers and daughters. Kallie loves helping her dad around the ranch getting the day's chores done. I like how this story shows a kid and parent working together. I remember doing so with my parents and it built great memories while teaching me that work wasn't a plague to avoid. Stephen Adams' illustrations are cute and cheery. However, I was surprised that one illustration is repeated three times. The book ended rather abruptly but was still cute.

Sohpie Gets Curtains! by Adelene Keeler Smith follows the construction of a terrier's elaborate dog house. Sohpie has a team of designers, architects and financiers to make her dream house a reality. Upon completion Sophie's doggie friends arrive for a house-warming party. The back includes a glossary of terms. The illustrations by Floyd Ryan Yamyamin are lively and capture Sohpie's lavish lifestyle.

Of the three, Sohpie has a traditional plot to follow with the party being the climax and a swift resolution of a content dog. The previous two lacked the traditional plot - exposition, rising action, climax and resolution which would have brought better focus to each story. Killer's blog posts are fairly random as are Kallie's adventures. Nonetheless, the ideas behind these stories are cute. My favorite was definitely Daddy's Little Squirrel.

All three children's books were given to me for free for review.
All published by: AuthorHouse, 2010     Pages: 28 for each
Rating: 1.5, 2, 2 Stars respectively     Source: Free from publicist

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