Thursday, March 10, 2011

News: Brief Status Update and Giveaway Winner

The winner of the $35 credit to CSN Stores is Katherine! Congrats!

Today is my last day of class before spring break - finally! I thought it would never get here! This week has been crazy with midterms/papers and the usual homework so posting has taken a back seat. I have several unwritten posts swirling in my head so expect your blog reader to fill up in the near future! =) What posts, you ask?
  • Book reviews, of course! I'm excited to review Young Adult Literature: From Romance to Realism by Michael Cart. It was great and should be of interest to many of my followers.
  • Musings of a Grad Student post because the semester is half way through and I have much to report.
  • A post about Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Something thought out and beefed up with references. Such a post is a ways off but I think it could be cool!

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