Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

This is the second science fiction text I've read by Crichton and, as much as I like science, the technical, scientific explanations slow down the plot. For this reason, I often became bored even though dino DNA is all very interesting. However, at about page 180 (of 399 in my copy) the action picked up. So, if you can last that long, you'll be sucked in and want to finish. Watching the movie before reading the book no doubt skewed my perception of the characters. Hammond, the island owner, was certainly not what I expected and his textual character seemed unbelievable. On the other hand, Malcolm, the mathematician, was magnified in the text and his chaos theory ramblings were entertaining. The book has decent closure considering there is a sequel. The movie is a very good compact and compressed version of the book. Generally, if I don’t like a book by page 80 I quit. But my husband is an avid Crichton fan… Nonetheless, with such a slow beginning, my rating is low.
Rating: 2 stars

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