Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last Words of an Undergraduate

Finals week is in full swing and I'm sad that these are my last few days as a student. On Saturday I graduate from the University of Iowa with a BA in English. Even if I don't get a job right away, or a very interesting job, school was worth every penny. I love literature classes. They make you think until your head hurts. But I'm sure most majors are that way. If there are any other U of Iowa students out there...what is that dripping from the railway down by EPB? It looks like toxic waste all slimy and gross. And an FYI: if you don't return all library books and pay all fines you can't graduate. It seems I returned a book to the public library on accident and if I don't find it in 4 days I can't get my diploma. Rubbish. In any event, I love the libraries. It's a shame they are shutting down many of them (budget cuts). I worked at Main for over 6 months, making minimum wage and choking on dust in the basement storage. There are some sweet books down there. Good times. Well, okay world. Here I come.

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  1. No missing book will keep you from your destiny.
    I love my University of Iowa Graduate.