Saturday, January 7, 2012

Review: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

If you’re new to the classics scene, especially Victorian era classics, and have been previously daunted by the length of Victorian novels, I recommend trying A Christmas Carol. I enjoyed this novella. In only a few pages, Dickens creates interesting characters that you care about and a story you want to finish. Even if you've seen movies based on this tale the book is still worth reading. 

Dickens was a master at writing for his audience, pulling on just the right strings, and those strings still pull 21st century readers. The supernatural element creates a surprisingly spooky environment for a Christmas story. I have to wonder if people thought Dickens was crazy -- “You’re going to write a ghost story about Christmas?” -- but it works and is truly a wonderful, touching little story about a greedy man who reconnects with the important things in life -- people. Did you read A Christmas Carol? What did you think?

Publisher: Dover, 1991     Pages: 68
Rating: 5 Stars     Source: purchased copy


  1. I read it for the first time last Christmas and you are right. Even if you've seen movies, the book is worth the read. And I'm not a Dickens fan either. I watched the Disney A Christmas Carol movie with Jim Carrey this year and it is an excellent representation of the book.

  2. I've read two Dickens novels. The first, Oliver Twist, I disliked. But I loved Great Expectations.

    I do love the Muppets movie version but will have to check out the Jim Carrey one next Christmas!

  3. I love A Christmas Carol. Not the best Dickens I've read, but very enjoyable and well worth reliving again and again. A Christmas staple. :)