Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: The Library Card by Jerry Spinelli

Creativity without direction, privilege without motivation, difficulty grieving, fear of isolation - these phrases define four children who are changed by a chance encounter with a library card. It’s blue, it’s plain and unmarked but somehow each child knows that the card is special. It appears at critical moments in their lives when things could easily turn for worse if no one, or nothing, intervenes. The card’s magical properties draw them to libraries they never knew existed where they encounter books and people who make a difference in their lives. In turn, the children begin to touch the lives of those around them. The Library Card is a sweet if somewhat dated homage to the power of books and librarians in the world of children.

Publisher: Scholastic, 1997     Pages: 148
Rating: 3 Stars     Source: IC Public Library


  1. I enjoyed Stargirl and other Spinelli books, so I do believe I'll check this one out at my local library. Thanks for the review!

  2. aww sounds like a really cute book though!

  3. I love Stargirl! I'm hoping to slowly make my way through Spnelli's books, too.